The global semiconductor shortage continues to create challenges throughout the whole electronics industry. At balena, many of our suppliers are struggling to meet demand, resulting in increased costs for components and stricter commercial terms

Given this situation, we’ve decided to increase the prices of some of the balenaFin storage variants to reflect the higher costs of producing these variants. This will better position us to continue meeting demand for balenaFin, and will give us more leverage to negotiate with our suppliers for shorter lead times. 

This is the new price list for the balenaFin:


 Storage variant* Previous pricing New pricing
balenaFin v1.1 - 8GB $129 $139
balenaFin v1.1 - 16GB $139 $169
balenaFin v1.1 - 32GB $159 $179
balenaFin v1.1 - 64GB $199 $199
balenaFin Developer Kit - 8GB $199 $209
balenaFin Developer Kit - 16GB $209 $239
balenaFin Developer Kit - 32GB $229 $249
balenaFin Developer Kit - 64GB $269 $269

 *Depopulated balenaFin prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Balena Team.