We have recently discovered a design defect on the balenaFin v1.1 that causes an unstable USB connection when running at ambient temperatures above 45°C (113°F). According to our best estimates, approximately 90% of the units are impacted by this issue.

We are fully aware that many balenaFins are serving mission-critical tasks in the field; for that reason, we would like to inform you of our findings and how we are planning to support you.

Products affected

Product list

Product Name Version SKU
balenaFin v1.1 - 8GB v1.1.0 FIN0110-S08
balenaFin v1.1 - 16GB v1.1.0 FIN0110-S16
balenaFin v1.1 - 32GB v1.1.0 FIN0110-S32
balenaFin v1.1 - 64GB v1.1.0 FIN0110-S64

Identifying a v1.1.0 balenaFin

Units affected by this issue are those with a “v1.1.0” silkscreen mark on the top side of the PCB. Please refer to the image below for detailed information:

Issue description

Affected devices experience a sudden disconnection of the Ethernet interface and USB peripherals when the ambient temperature rises above 45°C (113°F). We’ve published an in-depth technical explanation of the issue, including preventive measures in our blog.

A fix has already been identified and will be rolled out on every balenaFin v1.1 shipped from Wednesday, August 19th, onwards. The new revision will be labeled as v1.1.1.

What should I do?

If your order hasn't been shipped yet, you will receive a fixed unit. We expect to fulfill the first fixed units by Wednesday August 19th.

In case you have already received your v1.1 balenaFin, you are entitled to get your units fixed under warranty.

In order to process your return, please contact us at v11recall@balena.io with the information below:

  • Order number(s)*
  • Number of devices and storage variant(s) to be returned.

Once we have received the request, we will proceed as follows:

  • An RMA process will be started and we will schedule a courier to pick-up the faulty units from your facilities.
  • The units will then be fixed, effectively becoming v1.1.1. 
  • The QA process after the fix includes a factory reset of the unit, so be aware that any existing data on the device will be lost.
  • Once fixed, your units will be shipped back. It might take up to two weeks from the moment we receive your units to when they are shipped back fixed.

We are committed to supporting you during the transition to the new revision. If you have any questions or particular requirements, do not hesitate to let us know.

balena team.


(*) If not available, please provide the email or shipping address used to place the order.